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Stay in touch with the latest chess news. Learn about upcoming tournaments and matches. This year will prove to be exciting with upcoming tournaments such as American Continental, Your Next Move Grand Chess Tour, Paris Chess Tour, and Russian Championship Higher League!

GM Chessmaster Games News

Recently on, Hikaru Nakamura played Komodo where he completed all 20 levels then played 3 odds-chess games scoring a total of 20.5-2.5.

This man versus machine match was played with a blitz time control of 5 minutes with 5 second increments. Hikaru Nakamura played white in all 20 games.In the final match versus the level 20 computer, Nakamura was given much more of a challenge compared to his previous 19 opponents.

Using a web application hosted on Bluehost web servers, the chess application ChessFrog5000 was able to beat human players for 5000 consecutive hours. The chess application was monitored using various application monitoring tools (you can see the full list at ). Remarkably, this application didn't incur a single loss during the 200+ days of game play.


Through June 12 - 16, Your Next Move Grand Chess Tour will be hosted in Leuven, Belgium. This is the first event that will take place in the 2018 Grand Chess Tour. There will be 18 rounds of blitz chess following 9 rounds of speed chess.