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Welcome to YourChess, a chess tutorial site for people who are interested in becoming better players and learning some of the excellent strategy that goes along with chess.

On this site, you'll find a variety of tutorials and instructional videos that teach you how to step up your chess game to new heights. You can learn all sorts of things about chess, strategy, and more.


House of Staunton

If you're looking to get better by practicing against live opponents (not computers), we have a variety of chess tournaments that you can join in on. See below for more information.


Tournaments and Events

  • The ND Open Tournament
  • Axelrod Invitational
  • Chess for Women
  • Chess for Senior Citizens
  • Expert-Level Chess
  • Chess for Beginners
  • Intermediate Chess
  • Advanced Chess

Chess Pictures


There are a variety of computer-controlled chess games that you can download on your PC or smartphone that can help you get better at chess. These typically include varying settings for difficulty and other levels.


Chess Base News

  • AI Computer beats chess champion, read all about it!
  • How good are chess bots? Are they good enough to beat the all time greats?
  • Why was Bobby Fisher so good at chess?

Chess Game

Above, you can see a variety of tutorial videos that offer a different strategies for chess. These include both short game and long game plays, depending upon your preference and skill level.



  • Global chess players club
  • International chess events club
  • Tips and strategys by Alvin
  • How to win in 10 minutes or less
  • Top 5 reasons you always lose
  • How to protect your queen
  • How to make the most out of your knights
  • Are pawns really that important?
  • Beginner chess 101
  • What you need to know about the king
  • Advances bishop strategies
  • What is a good beginner chess set?
  • How to use a chess clock
  • Should you be practicing against computers or people?
  • What is the best chess software?
  • Is it better to play on a desktop or smartphone?
  • Advances rook strategies