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Hiarcs leads, Stockfish, Komodo, Gull catch up and share second at TCEC
TCEC by Martin Thoresen is the top world computer chess competition, now at Stage 2 with 19 engines

TCEC by Martin Thoresen is the top world computer chess competition, now at Stage 2 with 19 engines

Hiarcs continues dominating the second stage of the top computer chess championship TCEC. Hiarcs is clear first with 5,0/7, despite losing it’s 7th round game against Stage 1 winner Bouquet.

The chasing pack used the opportunity to catch up with the leader. Stockfish needed only 55 moves to defeat Naum, while Komodo won a 144 moves thriller against Critter. It was Gull that missed to join the leader, after drawing with Shredder. Stockfish, Komodo, Gull now share the second position with 4,5/7, and Stockfish has a direct match with white against Harcs in the next round.

The top seeded Houdini won against Junior, but still cannot lift off and shares 9th-11th with Rybka and Naum. Watch the live games here / Visit the official website


Replay the games of Stage 1 / See the current live gameFull list of participants / Information / Play online at Chessdom Arena


Standings after round 7

Engine ELO Points
1 Hiarcs 2979 5
2 Stockfish 3098 4.5
3 Gull 3063 4.5
4 Komodo 3086 4.5
5 Bouquet 1.8a 3069 4
6 Shredder 2942 4
7 Critter 1.6a 3072 4
8 Spike 2921 4
9 Naum 2978 3.5
10 Rybka 3092 3.5
11 Houdini 3146 3.5
12 Spark 2889 3
13 Jonny 2789 2.5
14 Exchess 7.15b 2702 2.5
15 Equinox 3051 2
16 Onno 2834 2
17 Toga II 2857 2
18 Tornado 2830 2
19 Junior 2913 2
Sun, 29 Sep 2013 20:51:25 +0000
Indonesia Chess: Medina Warda Aulia becomes Indonesia's Second WGM
Chess Blog for Daily Chess News and Trivia (c) Alexandra Kosteniuk, 2013

Hi everyone, 
Indonesia chess has just got its second women’s grandmaster (WGM)! Medina Warda Aulia defeated FM (FIDE master) Lanita Stetsko of Belarus at the World Junior Chess Championship in Kocaeli, Turkey, on Monday to fetch the honor for her country.

The Indonesian chess player scores seven points from 10 of 13 rounds for her her third WGM norm after she recorded her first and second norms in Singapore in 2011 and Russia in 2012.

A chess player has to book a set of three WGM norms for a full WGM title, as required by the international chess authority FIDE.

“She has played opponents with a ratings average of 2266. On the Direct Titles table issued by FIDE on July 1, a player scoring seven points is entitled to WGM norm if their opponents have a rating average between 2251 and 2289,” team manager Kristianus Liem said in a press release on Tuesday.

“Medina has met the other requirements that at least four opponents hold a WGM title, six are titled and eight are rated,” he said.

Kristianus said that Medina would also augment her rating by 24 points next month from her current rating of 2301.

Stetsko was the sixth player Medina defeated in the tournament. The five others were Ani Krumova, Ivana Maria Furtado, Maria Bezgodova, Aleksandra Goryachkina and Alina Kashlinskaya.

She lost to Irina Bulmaga and Rout Padminia while her two draws came against Wang Jue and Sabina Ibrahimova. Monday’s win came on the back of two consecutive losses and a draw. In the game Medina was typically aggressive despite playing black. She was two pawns ahead early with control of the game. She needed only 23 moves to force Stetsko to concede after her opponent failed to make amends for the loss of a piece.

Medina is now ranked fifth on the provisional standings, along with three other players. Bulmaga leads with eight points followed by Deysi Cori T and Goryachkina, each with 7.5 points. Medina’s win, however, failed to inspire her three teammates.

WIM Chelsie Monica Sihite lost to WIM Khademalsharieh Sarasadat of Iran in the girls’ division while Muhammad Luthfi Ali and Farid Firman Syah in the boys’ division bowed to IM Marcel Kanarek of Poland and Javier Benitez Lozano of Mexico respectively.

Medina becomes Indonesia’s youngest player to attain a WGM title. She has done so at the age of 16 years, two months and 16 days.

Irene Kharisma Sukandar, the only other active Indonesian WGM player achieved the title at the age of 16 years, seven months and 18 days at the Chess Olympiad in Dresden, Germany, in 2008

Medina’s achievement was applauded with enthusiasm back home.

“Praise be to God. Congratulations!” GM Utut Adianto, the country’s chess icon since turned lawmaker, said.

Hashim S. Djojohadikusumo, chairman of the Indonesian Chess Association (Percasi) promised to hold a thanksgiving ceremony.

Eka Putra Wirya, a member of Percasi’s advisory board, said the association and chess lovers deserved to be congratulated on Medina’s achievement.

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Wed, 25 Sep 2013 07:40:00 +0000
Oslo Chess International becomes Håvard Vederhus’ memorial

oslo_international_2013The 2013 edition of Oslo Chess International will take place in Norway, 29 September – 6 October 2013. The tournament organized by Hans Olav Lahlum and Akademisk Sjakklubb Oslo is a 9-round Swiss open for all players having the official titles GM, IM, FM, WGM, WIM or WFM from FIDE. Also qualified are other male players with an official FIDE-ELO of at least 2150, and other female players with an official FIDE-ELO of at least 2000.

Registration and more information at the official website

Oslo Chess International becomes Håvard Vederhus’ memorial

by Hans Olav Lahlum

After consultations with the family of Håvard Vederhus, the organizer of Oslo Chess International has decided that the 2013 edition will be played as a memorial tournament and given the sub heading Håvard Vederhus’ memorial.

Håvard Vederhus (born November 10th 1989) was as a child a talented chess player. He took fourth place in the Under-11 class in the Norwegian championship at Gausdal in 1999, beating the one year younger Magnus Carlsen in the process.
Håvard continued played the Norwegian championship and remained an active member of Oslo club SK 1911 until the age of 16. His father and older brother were also members of this club.

Next to studies, music and christian engagements Håvard’s life was later dominated by politics. He became leader of AUF in Oslo, the Norwegian Labour Party’s youth organization, and was considered one of the party’s greatest young talents when he was shot and killed at Utøya during the terror attack July 22nd 2011.

Oslo Chess International is meant to be a tournament for both the elite and the masses. As a chess player Håvard Vederhus belonged to the latter, as he chose to apply his talents in other arenas. By this he became a good example of a man who in his youth enjoyed chess and the chess community, bringing him experiences and lessons to be applied later in life.

His premature death was a great loss also to his many friends in the Norwegian chess community. The organizer, who has recently written a biography on Håvard, wishes to highlight this during Oslo Chess International.

Magnus Carlsen vs Håvard Vederhus in 1999

Magnus Carlsen vs Håvard Vederhus in 1999
Wed, 18 Sep 2013 18:24:51 +0000
Uganda Chess Video: Record Participation for Junior Tournament
Alexandra Kosteniuk's Chess Blog for Daily Chess News and Trivia (c) 2013

Hi everyone, 

Uganda - yes, the country of Phiona Mutesi - registered a record participation at their junior chess tournament recently. It is great that chess in Africa has become very popular in the last two years. Here is the video report.

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Mon, 02 Sep 2013 17:03:00 +0000
World Chess Champion Anand's Seconds: Sandipan Chanda, Surya Shekhar Ganguly, Radoslaw Wojtaszek
Alexandra Kosteniuk's Chess Blog for Daily Chess News and Trivia (c) 2013

Hi everyone, 
Indian newspapers have reported that World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand's new team member is Indian Grandmaster Sandipan Chanda. Chanda belongs to the same city as another of Anand's seconds - Kolkata. Grandmaster Surya Shekhar Ganguly, from Kolkata, continues in Anand's team. Anand takes on World No. 1 Carlsen for the world championship in November. (Photo: Sandipan Chanda - new addition to Viswanathan Anand's team.)

Chanda, 30, is the second Indian player to be hired by the 42-year-old Anand. Ganguly, a five-time national champion, Pieter Heine Nielsen of Denmark, former world champion in the knock-out format, Rustam Kasimdzhanov of Uzbekistan and Polish GM Radoslaw Wojtaszek have been core members of Team Anand in the last three World Championships. 

Ganguly and Wojtaszek will continue to assist the world No. 7. Chanda had accompanied Anand during a recent GM tournament in Norway. 

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Fri, 30 Aug 2013 12:35:00 +0000
TCEC marks two records on the first day of competition

TCEC2TCEC, the unofficial world computer championship by Martin Thoresen, started this August 26th with the participation of the top chess engines.

It is the second season of the championship, and everyone expects to see how the defending champion Houdini 3 will perform against the new version of Stockfish 4, the new entry Bouquet, and the established Rybka, Komodo, Critter, Gull, and Equinox, all above 3000 ELO.

Right on day 1, TCEC broke two of it’s own records. The first one is the record of highest number of visitors on day 1 of the competition, beating the past January 22nd with close to 175% higher interest. The other one is record of the highest hour EVER registered, beating the previous record hour of May 4th, the most active day during the finals of the previous season.

The tournament director Martin Thoresen comments, “I am very happy about these numbers since they clearly show that there is a big audience out there interested in high quality computer chess. I can’t wait to see how the Season unfolds, it will be a great few months ahead.”

Replay the games of Stage 1 / See the current live gameFull list of participants / Information / Play online at Chessdom Arena

Results from the first 24 hours

Delphi 3 – Toga II 0-1
Junior 13.3 – Arminius 1-0
Minkochess 1.3 – Nebula 2 1-0
Firefly 2.6 – Onno 0-1
The Baron 3.35a – Spark 1 1/2-1/2

Click here for the current live game of TCEC

Remaining pairings of round 1

Houdini 3 – Sjeng WC2008
Tornado 4.88 – Stockfish 4
Rybka 4.1 – Scorpio 2.76
Jonny 6 – Komodo 1063
Critter 1.6a – Bugchess2 1.9
Crafty 23.6 – Bouquet 1.8
Gull 2.2 – Gaviota 0.87a8
Arasan 16 – Equinox 2b
Naum 4.2 – Exchess 7.15b
Octochess 5178 – Hiarcs 14
Hannibal 220813 – Alfil 13.1
Hamsters 0.71 – Shredder 12
Spike 1.4 – Redqueen 1.14
Tue, 27 Aug 2013 13:04:29 +0000
Ecos de los campeonatos por edades sub-8, sub-10 y sub-12
Según nos ha comentado Vicente, los jovenes gomeros realizaron un muy buen papel en los pasados campeonatos de Canarias por edades sub-8, sub-10 y sub-12. Felicidades a los jovenes deportistas y a su entrenador!
Wed, 19 Jun 2013 09:00:00 +0000
La derrota, en 1898,  del ejército colonialista español en Cuba no solamente significó un golpe mortal para el sistema esclavista, sino además la libertad para otras trescientas mil personas confinadas en condiciones de vida inhumas como producto de la puesta en práctica de una idea estratégica cuya patente  debe ser aribuída al penúltimo  Capitán General de Cuba, don  Valeriano Weyler y Nicolau, Márques de Tenerife (después de machacar a los filipinos se ejercitó pacificando a los canarios) y Duque de Rubí.  

Se trata de un hecho histórico que es omitido intencionadamente  cuando se lanzan anatemas  contra el expansionismo yanqui, la Doctrina Monroe y John Quncy Adams; porque la historia siempre podremos contarla como corresponda a nuestros intereses y mejor nos parezca.

Pero  fue en este contexto posterior al fin de la guerra  que un soldado español, entre  aquellos que formaron en las fuerza que defendieron la Isla ante el empuje criollo-yanqui combinado, decidió un buen día asentarse con carácter definitivo en nuestro país y crearse  para su bienestar  una familia.  Se nombraba Angel Castro Argiz y era oriundo de la provincia gallega de Lugo.

Casó en un primer matrimonio con una maestra de la que tuvo descendencia y le ayudó a fijar una  imagen  de empresario agrícola con futuro; pero se entretuvo a las sombras con una chica como él, sin instrucción, aunque más joven que su esposa, con la que trajo  al mundo a estos  dos personajes que han gobernado Cuba durante las ses últimas décadas.

Con tales antecedentes no se puede explicar de dónde estos dos vástagos del ex-soldado del ejército colonialista se sacaron el amor por la Patria Cubana  y la admiración por la obra de José Martí, pero lo cierto es que nunca dejaron de cantarle loas  al apóstol mientras volvían a aplicar, desde el poder, perfeccionándola, la idea estratégica de Valeriano Weyler   Porque ha sido así como la población cubana, a mediados del siglo XX,  quedó atrapada en una tela de araña de leyes y disposiciones extraoficiales  que confinaban  a todos los cubanos a un único espacio territorial en el  que, curiosamente, odían entrar y salir con total libertad los extranjeros y se abría una vía de escape   para los hijos y nietos de españoles nacidos en la Isla.

Podrá argumentase lo que se quiera argumentar en defensa de esta última circunstancia  que, por otra parte, en nada nos disgusta a los nacionalistas; pero: ¿No se abre un espacio a la suspicacia cundo se reflexiona en torno a esta particularidad?  ¿No es una evidencia, acaso, del sustrato mental de estos hermanos que, como tales, comparten ADN, taras y musarañas mentales?   Y si  agregamos al tema los ires y venires de la descendencia de los descendientes directos  de Angel Castro Argiz y de su parentela  española cruzando el charco en la una y la otra dirección: ¿No tendríamos que dedicarles un poco de atención? 

Está claro que todavía se sienten poderosos, y tratan de transmitir a sus clientes el mensaje de ser ellos los únicos amos de la situación.   Es verdad  que   todavía no se pecibe en el ambiente  el menor intento de insubordinación; pero  es también verdad que la inconformidad con el régimen registra en estos momentos las cotas más altas de su historia y que, consecuentemente, los niveles de la represión política en el país han llegado a límites insuperables.   Por todo lo cual debemos concluir que la caldera, en el volcán,  está a punto de estallar  y que las consecuencias serán,  sencillamente,  impredecibles.   El precedente rumano puede citarse a colación: Nicolás Ceausescu, congregó a las masas  para un acto político de los acostumbrados y unos horas más tarde murió fusilado junto a su esposa.
Mon, 12 Aug 2013 20:24:00 +0000
Leko &amp; Shirov Eliminated in Second Round World Cup
On the second day of the FIDE World Cup's second round, two famous grandmasters were eliminated: Peter Leko of Hungary and Alexei Shirov of Latvia. Leko, who lost his first game with white against Julio Granda Zuniga on Wednesday, didn't come clos...
Thu, 15 Aug 2013 14:46:08 -0700
Yuri Solodovnichenko Wins Fano Chess Second Time
Alexandra Kosteniuk's Chess Blog for Daily Chess News and Trivia (c) 2013

Hi everyone, 

Ukrainian Yuri Solodovnichenko got his second straight win at the Fano on the Sea Chess Master Tournament. The event took place from 29th July to 4th August in Fano, Italy, next to the Adriatic Sea. The first edition was also won by Solodvnichenko, who was able to celebrate again after the tiebreaks calculation put him in first place over two other players that arrived at the same 6.5/9 score.

Axel Rombaldoni and Peter Prohaszka arrived to the last round as leaders with 6 points each. The Italian drew his game against Vladimir Burmakin and finished second on tiebreaks, while the Hungarian lost against Ivan Ivanisevic, who incidentally was third on tiebreaks.

The tournament was organized by the Fano Chess Club 1988 and Dario Pedini. The club celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2013.

Official website

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Sat, 10 Aug 2013 16:35:00 +0000

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